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Raw Cacao: Its Origins and Health Benefits

Posted on2 Months ago

Raw cocoa, an essential ingredient in chocolate making, is also recognized for its numerous health benefits. This guide explores its origins and how it can enhance our well-being. 🍫

Mayas people collecting cocoa

Cocoa Story

🌰 The Early Uses: Originating from Mesoamerica, cocoa was considered sacred by ancient civilizations such as the Maya, who used it in their rituals and beliefs.

Cacao Beans Transformation

From Bean to Finished Product: The process of transforming raw cocoa is minimal to preserve its nutritional properties. After harvest, the beans are fermented and dried, then lightly heated to obtain raw cocoa. 🍪

Nutritional Profile

🍋 A Powerful Antioxidant: Raw cocoa is exceptionally rich in antioxidants, surpassing other superfoods, which helps combat the damage from free radicals.

Source of Minerals

Mineral Source: It provides essential minerals such as magnesium and iron, supporting various bodily functions, from muscle contraction to blood oxygenation. 🥩

Happy woman holding raw cocoa

Health Benefits

Cardiovascular Support: Cocoa flavonoids improve blood circulation and may reduce blood pressure, thereby lowering the risk of heart diseases. ❤️

Mood Enhancement

😄 Cocoa contains substances that stimulate emotional well-being, helping to elevate mood and combat depression.

Helps on Weight Management

Thanks to its low calorie content and richness in fiber, raw cocoa helps regulate appetite and promote satiety.

How use raw cocoa ?

Consumption Suggestions: Incorporate raw cocoa into smoothies, sprinkle it on fruits, or add it to your breakfasts like porridges to enjoy its benefits.

Fair Trade and Sustainability

Responsible Choice: Choosing certified fair trade raw cocoa ensures support for sustainable farming practices and fair compensation for farmers. 🌿

Points to Consider

Moderate Consumption: Raw cocoa should be consumed in moderation due to its caffeine content and its potential for heavy metal accumulation like cadmium in some consumers.

Almond and raw cocoa smoothie

How to participate?

Raw cocoa offers much more than its role in chocolate making. By consuming it wisely, we can benefit from its numerous health advantages while respecting its ancient origins and current impacts on the environment and producing societies. Embracing raw cocoa in its most natural form allows us to enjoy its benefits while honoring its cultural heritage.

Cocoa Gourmiz' Bars

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In this recipe, the typical and much-appreciated taste of hazelnut rubs shoulders with the aromatic power of raw cocoa, for a very happy marriage that will delight gourmets looking for the most natural energy bar.

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A bar specially designed to ensure your sports sessions throughout the week. It combines the chocolaty taste of cocoa with the crunch of hazelnut. Just like our classic hazelnut - raw cocoa bar, this combination of flavors is ideal for sportsmen and women looking for a sweet treat. This bar contains 8 g of protein. It comes from our rice protein, chosen for its easy assimilation, high protein content (85%) and neutral taste, for maximum pleasure.

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Logos: made in France, vegan, organic and gluten-free


Two bewitching, complementary flavors in one little bar - who'd have thought? The strength of raw cocoa is here softened by coconut with its multiple virtues, for a marriage as tasty as it is original!

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Logos: made in France, vegan, organic and gluten-free


The use of orange in fruit bars is a great classic, with a taste that's as incredible and fragrant as ever. Classically, it goes very well with cocoa and almond, for a very well-balanced raw bar.

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