Protein bars: a sportsman's companion

The Gourmiz' protein bar is the ideal companion for athletes! Discover our simple, effective protein recipes to boost your efficiency and recover after intense training!

These little marvels are made with 20% protein, perfect for giving your muscles all the strength they need after intense effort. But why are proteins so important? Well, during a hard workout, our bodies draw on their protein reserves, which are found mainly in the muscles. So, for optimal recovery, it's vital to provide them with new ones! And when you combine this with carbohydrates, muscle rebuilding is even better. That's where our sports protein bars come in! Whether just after exercise, during or after a session, they'll be your indispensable allies for muscles in top form!

We promise you, at Gourmiz', we don't play around with ingredients. We focus on simplicity and subtle flavours. In our energy bars: no additives, no added sugar, nothing but fruit! 

So, are you ready to embark on the Gourmiz' adventure? With our protein bars, you'll improve your performance! What's more, you'll enjoy every bite. Come on, we're waiting for you!

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