Our gourmet bars: healthy pleasure

Welcome to the delicious world of Gourmiz' fruit snacks! Discover a wide range of fruit bars that will make your taste buds tingle! Because at Gourmiz', we're experts at combining gourmet goodness with healthy eating!

With us, no unnecessary complications, just the essentials. No more than 7 ingredients per recipe, and yet we still manage to offer you snacks with absolutely stunning flavours! The secret? We focus on the power of fruit. Our carbohydrate-rich bars are guaranteed 100% fruit and gluten-free: first-class fuel for your daily adventures! Slip one of our bars into your bag: it'll be your ideal ally for staying in top form wherever you go!

Wondering how we manage to retain so much flavor? That's our secret! Low-temperature dehydration, at less than 45°C, fully preserves the flavors and nutrients of each ingredient. A natural alchemy that gives our fruit bars that unique taste that will make you melt with pleasure!

And best of all: all our recipes are created by experts with a passion for raw food. Our bars are lovingly made in France in our workshop in Toulouse, and comply with the strictest organic and clean label standards. At Gourmiz', we take care of you, the planet and your pleasure!

So, are you ready to embark on this gourmet energy adventure with Gourmiz'? Let yourself be tempted by our fruity snacks, for healthy pleasure in every bite!

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